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Indigo Moon Healing Arts offers a wide range services. Sessions are tailored to meet each individual's unique needs. 


Individual Counseling- $125 session  (50 minutes)

Counseling sessions are inclusive of energy based techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/ meridian tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Rapid Resolution Therapy®, basic energy medicine techniques, relaxation techniques, visualization, and regression therapy.  It is up to each client to determine their comfort level in relation to the different methods and to decide what they would like to incorporate into their treatment.  If you want a past life regression session please talk with me before coming in for the session as we will need to schedule a longer session (usually 1.5-2 hours).

What is Emotional Freedom Technique/Meridian Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple and effective way to remove blocks in your body's energetic system.  It combines cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy with the use of acupressure points to restore the body back to its natural state of balance.

When a person experiences a shock or trauma of any kind or size, it can create a disruption in the body's energetic system. This block can present itself as emotional distress or physical pain. EFT works to reduce the intensity of the trauma/event/emotion by signaling your body that it is safe to think of the event or situation without going immediately into the fight/flight/ freeze mode.

EFT is easy to learn and it is a great stress management tool.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is an easy and gentle way to resolve patterns which have developed due to past trauma. It also works to dissolve limiting core beliefs and even pre-conscious trauma through the use of visualization and EFT. The benefit of this method is it helps resolve issues without re-traumatization.

Energy Medicine Specific Sessions (includes Reiki):

Energy Medicine and Reiki sessions are scheduled separately from counseling sessions. These sessions do NOT have a counseling focus but can complement the counseling process.  They are conducted fully clothed while on a massage table. 

Intake Session:  $135 (75-90 minutes)

Follow up sessions: $125  session (75 minutes),  $150 for 90 minute session

What is Energy Medicine and how does it work ?

Energy Medicine is a method of working with the body's energy systems to help promote health and wellness.  It is derived from many different healing traditions, is complementary to traditional medicine, and teaches the client specific exercises and techniques to help activate their body's own healing abilities.

This approach is a hands-on healing modality that utilizes "muscle testing" and other hands-on methods to access and work with the body's energy system.  The client remains fully clothed at all times. I studied Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and her faculty in the Eden Energy Medicine 2 year certification program. 

Working with the body’s subtle energies restores the flow, balance and harmony within the energy systems and can help to:

• Increase Your Vitality and Health
• Strengthen Your Immune System
• Reduce Pain
• Sharpen Your Memory
• Alleviate Depression and Lift Your Spirit
• Relieve Stress and Anxiety
• Alleviate Insomnia
• Improve Digestion
• Enhance Learning Skills
• And much more 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a deeply relaxing ancient hands-on healing technique that utilizes universal healing energy to balance and energize the mind and body.  Reiki has a  healing effect on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Reiki heightens awareness and intuition and helps us reconnect with our spirit.  Reiki is applied with a light touch while the client remains fully clothed and although no pressure is used, Reiki also helps relieve stress and muscle tightness.

I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 1999 and have incorporated Reiki into my energy medicine sessions at the prices listed above. I can do a stand-alone Reiki session if requested.

Disclaimer:  Energy Medicine and Reiki are NOT a substitute for seeking professional healthcare advice.  The term energy medicine is not intended to represent that energy medicine is used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical problems.  Practitioners of energy medicine and reiki are not diagnosing or treating the physical body, which is the domain of the medical field, but instead are working with the energetic body.


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